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AFNWA Procurement

Welcome to the Atlantic First Nations Water Authority procurement page.

In accordance with the Atlantic First Nation Water Authority’s guiding principles promoting best practice procurement methods, AFNWA engages with responsible and responsive vendors whose compliance with solicitation and contractual terms and conditions extends to our organization’s goals for minimizing negative environmental impact while embracing Indigenous cultural values.  Where applicable and considered to be in the best interest of AFNWA, procurement activities are carried out jointly with First Nations communities and organizations, neighbouring municipalities, or commercial developments.

AFNWA demonstrates its commitment to procuring ethically and thoughtfully while also safeguarding assets through, for example, the provision of excellent procurement education and training opportunities for our staff, regular attendance at industry conferences, and active engagement with professional procurement organizations to leverage relevant workshops. AFNWA’s Procurement Policy covers the appointment of non-staff personnel such as consultants and contractors, and the purchase of all services, goods, and equipment.

Furthermore, AFNWA follows the Statement of Principles adopted by the Association of Canadian Cities for Environmentally Sound Strategies and adheres to the rules and regulations contained in relevant legislation and trade agreements, including the Personal Information International Disclosure Protection Act (PIIDPA), Canada Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), Canada-European Union Comprehensive Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Atlantic Procurement Agreement (APA).

All requests for proposals or quotes are found on the Opportunities page. Following a request for proposals, or quotes, AFNWA will contact the successful organization.

Information regarding historical material contracts awarded are available here.

Read AFNWA’s Procurement Policy