Frequently Asked Questions

Operations Questions

What is the operational relationship between the Band Councils and AFNWA?

AFNWA is owned by the communities and their Chiefs or proxy each have a vote on Water Authority items brought forward at the Annual General Meeting. Since AFNWA is a not-for-profit corporation, it is one vote per community and each member has an equal voice. At least two-thirds (2/3) of the AFNWA Board membership consists of First Nations Chiefs.

How do you ensure that the AFNWA is the only entity that will be accessing, changing, and managing the system?

By transferring water and wastewater assets to AFNWA, we will have the right to operate and maintain water and wastewater systems on behalf of communities. As such, AFNWA will have exclusive access to the infrastructure, reducing community liability to maintain clean and safe drinking water and wastewater, while also protecting the public and surrounding environment from degradation.